The West That Always Never Was

A tale of racism, media sensationalism, romanticism and love, The West That Always Never Was is a graphic novel that follows three intertwined stories in 1909 Southern California.

Willie Boy, a Chemehuevi Native American, kills a man, kidnaps the man’s daughter, Carlotta, and then flees the posse that is sent after him.

Madison, a meek reporter from Los Angeles is sent out to write a story detailing the posse’s chase of the fugitive. On Willie’s trail he finds that not all is as it seems.

John Hyde, a Yacqui tracker hired to help the posse track down Willie Boy, becomes a part of a system that he detests.

Set after the close of the American “Old West,” it questions the common tropes of violence and justice that are commonly referenced in that time period and draws parallels to modern ideas of racism and the media’s ability to influence popular thought. 2017

Ragnor the Barbarian the Comic

Two randomly chosen words. Occasionally features Ragnor the Barbarian. 2013-Present

24 Hour Comics

24 Hour Comics Day is an annual event in October occurring around the world that challenges comic artists, writers, and anyone with an interest in comics to create a 24 page comic in 24 hours. These comics were created at The Comic Bug in Manhattan Beach, CA.

The Seed


The Seed is an experiment in digital formatting of comics. Several storylines interweave while running clockwise and counterclockwise. 2013

Dark Rising

A Baldur’s Gate fan comic. 2013

When I Dream


When I Dream is a short comic about zombies, spaceships, and the things we cannot control.

Framed and ready to hang original artwork from the comic is available for purchase. When you buy a painting, all of the proceeds of the sale will go towards the American Cancer Society. 2013


The day to day of two plant assassins in Everglades National Park as they wade through the swamp, dodge venomous snakes, and keep the park free of invasive plants. Based on my experience working in the Everglades as a natural resource technician. It ran for about 6 months and was featured in several invasive plant trade magazines. Probably because it's the only invasive plant comic out there. 2008

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Magical Monster People

A series of watercolors painted during 20 minute poses at the Santa Monica figure drawing session. Updated weekly, most of the time. See if you can guess what part of the painting wasn’t the live model!2013-Present

VFX Reel 2017




Nate Shaw has been a painter, bike racer, rickshaw driver, plant assassin, wildland firefighter, teacher, and has been drawing as long as he can remember. Los Angeles based, he currently spends his days making visual effects for commercials and films and nights painting and working on comics.

Email: [at] gmail [dot] com